Make Shortbread Cookies and Petite Madeleines: Mini French Sponge Cakes and Easy Key Lime Cookies

The shell-shaped mini sponge cakes called Petite Madeleines originated in France. The batter is typically made with almonds or lemon zest, depending on personal taste. The following recipes for Madeleines and shortbread cookies are adapted from the traditional recipes, using the tiny Key limes for a unique, tart flavor.

The yellow Key limes can also be found in stores under the following names: Bartender’s lime, Mexican lime, Tahitian lime and West Indian lime. Beware, their distinctive flavor will most likely bring about a tinge of wanderlust, a strong desire to lie on a hammock between two gently swaying palm trees under a lilting island breeze.

Both recipes are beautiful when turned out in their respective molds; the shell-shaped Madeleine mold and the floral-shaped, shortbread cookie mold.

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